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My wife doesn’t like our son

I have three youngsters with my wife. Two of our kids are young ladies and the last who is only three years of age is a boy yet I have noticed that my wife treats him differently from his sisters.

She’s not persistent with him and smacks him at whatever point he does something wrong as opposed to revising him in a cherishing way like a mother ought to. She likewise converses with him brutally. On the off chance that I hadn’t seen her give birth to him, I would have thought he was adopted.

I have asked her multiple occassions for what good reason she treats him diversely however she says I am simply misrepresenting. I knew this was escaping from hand when I examined getting a cam to perceive how she treats him when I am not around. That is his mother not his babysitter so I shouldn’t be scared to leave him alone with her yet the miserable truth is that I am.

What would it be advisable for me to do?

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