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parí ilé-èkó gíga ifáfitì.

Ohun méje tí ó jé èdùn okàn tí won kò so fún mi kí n tó parí ilé-èkó gíga ifáfitì.

7 Things I Wished I Was Told Before Graduating From The University


1- University is for self exploration use your time and internships wisely to determine your goal so by the time you graduate you won’t loose time figuring things out.

2- Have a definite GOAL.

3- If you have a talent / hobby that can be utilised don’t waste your time working for a corporate! Pursue your own thing.

4- Don’t let anyone tell you “you can’t”

5- Invest in yourself and don’t get drained in your day to day job: self study, post grad study, courses, sports, reading, seminars, travelling, linguistics …etc

6- Never EVER depend on one source of income, ALWAYS have a side gig!

7- if you decided to work in a corporate you have to understand that your promotions arebased on 40% your hard work and 60% politics so you wont be frustrated.

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