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Okay let’s talk!!!

Everyday of their life, they keep shouting Jesus!!! When eating, praying, playing, sitting, even when they hit their leg on stone, what you will hear is Jesus!!!!
Church is their second home and pastor is their small God.

But when problems arises, they will pass through the back door of their house to come meet us because they don’t want their fellow Christians to see them going to a Babalawo house. Because Jesus told them not to do Ebo
After reaching you Babalawo’s house, with the aid of your Ifa’s knowledge, Opele and ikin with opon Ifa, you already know the cause and solution to their problem.


Since Jesus cannot solve the problem and I guess they believe Jesus cannot see them in your(babalawo) house, immediately they will forget about Bible and ask you to do Ebo for them.
After few days, things will change positively for them and the next thing they will do is to get Tuxedo suit with Italian shoe as a gift for their pastor as a sign of gratitude.
Please gratitude for what? Was it the pastor that did the Ebo?
Okay let me continue……


After few weeks, when they need the help of the Babalawo again, they will come with one bottle of Baba Apari(alcohol) to show appreciation for the previous Ebo and to ask for new favor.
Now we Babalawo need to make our stand firm.
Ifa is not a secret cult
Traditionalist are not drunkard.
We are the custodian of our custom and Tradition!!!
Aboru Aboye!!!

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