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Oldest King

Oldest King in Oodua Land passes on at 141

Oba Afolabi was believed to be the oldest King in Oyo state as he was said to be 141 years old. The late monarch was born to the Afolabi family in Ilua, in 1879 and was enthroned as king in the community 38 years ago, at the age of 102.

The late monarch, who was a commercial farmer at Arigidana, Baba Ode in Itesiwaju Local Government of the state before his coronation as king, succeeded Oba Majaro in 1981.

It was learnt that Afolabi’s choice as Oba was unanimously agreed upon by community leaders and king makers of Ilualand at the time.

During his lifetime as a king, he contributed greatly to the growth and development of Ilualand, Kajola Local Government and Oyo state as a whole.

Oba Samuel Afolabi, the Onilua of Ilua in Kajola Local Government area of Oyo State has passed on at age of 141. Oba Afolabi who’s thought to be the oldest king in Oyo State, died after having a brief illness in early hours of Saturday May 23.

Oldest King

The late monarch who was enthroned as king in the community at age 102, succeeded Oba Majaro in 1981.

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