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Omo Eru cannot but remain Eru – Comments from Netizens as OluBandan of Ibadan land buried with Quran.

Many Netizens are in disapproval of the way Olubadan of Ibadan was buried with a Quran placed beside him. Some called the foreign element placed beside him a reminder and a symbol of slavery.

Others say;

Another “representative of the Orishas and guardian of Yoruba heritage” The OluBandan of ibadan land being buried with Quaran. May His ancestors in Mecca and Medina grant him the welcome they give to our ancestors during the slave trade. Omo eru cannot but remain Eru.

Yorùbá has long being conquered either by the Arabs or the Western Europeans… It’s for the new age Yorùbá to seek their freedom from the mental and spiritual enslavement for any meaningful progress to take place in Yorùbá kingdoms.

I’m particularly saddened seeing the custodians of our culture and tradition rubbishing it all because they want to appear being slaves to the borrowed religions.

 It’s embarrassing and makes Yoruba people the laughing stock of the outside world!!!!

If you want to be a Christian or Muslim please don’t desecrate our ancestral thrones with your foreign religion. Those thrones are meant for the custodians of our cultural and traditional heritage. You don’t respect it and you want the people to respect you.

Maybe by the grace of Olodumare, Yorubas will STOP putting folks on the thrown who devoted to Arab & X’tian gods and values!!!’n

Ibadan tradition doesn’t have Ogboni, it’s purely a military leadership that allows partizan politics after the coming of the colonists.

Yes you are correct. According to local historians, Lagelu founded the city, and was initially intended to be a war camp for warriors coming from Oyo, Ife and Ijebu. As a forest site containing several ranges of hills, varying in elevation from 160 to 275 metres, the location of the camp offered strategic defence opportunities.Reason second in command can become Olu Ibadan. Senator Lekan Balogun is seeing as the next Olu Ibadan. However, I think fact that politics has given crown,there should be another tier of power in the palace. Anything like ‘oro’ to check mate the power of Olu. Well, I don’t really know anything sha

Yoruba tradition and its value being swept inside the gutter by the so custodian of the tradition1 how can the remains of a king be displayed for the public to see2 why would a whole king be buried under Islamic right3 why would a king bow before any church or mosque. Yoruba we need to trace back our step and correct the things that we are doing wrong.

Can Queen of England go to Mecca or King of Saudi Arabia go to worship in Vatican?Any Yoruba King who is much in love with Islam or Christianity should step aside.

The unfortunate thing is that the real Isese is the truth comparable to Japanese Shinto.Why are we lacking the self-esteem. Bowing to foreign imperialism.Olubadan, abandoning Sango Ayilegbe of Oodua, in Ugbo Atiba for Sango of Mecca.

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