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Oodua language

From Now On, You Are Free To Say Oodua Language But Not Yoruba Language –

I would have wished it is Oodua language instead of Yoruba language. Anyway, you can call it whatever, let it be known that it is full of wisdom and handsomely philosophical.

It is good to read more. I have benefitted a lot from reading. Reading a book titled, “Igbagbo ati Esin Yoruba” authored by Dr. C. L Adeoye in 1985( 34 years ago), I came across the following words as special prayer. I have tried to simplify and translate them in my own ways:

Iwure pataki

Ona meta lato wale aye
Olodumare mama je ki a le ba meteta rorun

1. Ekun lasun wale aye, Olodumare maje ki asunkun asun rorun

2. Ihoho la wole aye yi wa, Olorun maje ki a file aye sile ni horiho

3.Inu agbara eje lato wale aye, Olodumare, ti a ba gbo gbo gbo, ti a to to to, nijo ti a ba f’aye yi sile, ki a ma fi eje bora sun

Special prayer

Three different ways we came to this world
Olodumare, we pray, don’t let us return to heaven in the same way

1. We cry into this world when we are born, Olodumare, don’t let us cry to heaven

2. We came naked, Owner of Heaven, we beg you, don’t let us return naked

3. We came into this world in a pool of blood, our Creator, we appeal to You 
that after we might have lived long, when it is time to answer your call,
do not let us return in the pool of our blood. Ase.

Stay blessed

From Araba of Oworonsoki land Lagos Nigeria

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