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Happy Oosala day to people across the globe.

May we have the blessings and goodness of it. Ase Edumare!

Olokun asoro dayo, olokun ajeti aye, olokun iserin ade.
All these are names of Orunmila. Now the question is. Is Orunmila same as Olokun? Is Olokun not an orisa himself/herself? Who is olokun? Male or female?

Olokun is a female according to one Ifa corpus. Abeti aso sunmunu cast Ifa for Olokun ajepe aye who is crying of not having babies, this babalawo(Abeti aso sunmunu)tell olokun that the person that will help Olokun with her barrenness is yet to come. Mind you, Olokun is living inside water. She left ile Ife for water when she can’t admit and condole how people of ile Ife then are doing. She is the wife of Oduduwa.

Orunmila left oke igeti his homeland for olokun house (inside water) when He get there, they showed him the Ifa cast for olokun and Orunmila reveal to Olokun that She cast Ifa because of barrenness, He further it that if Olokun can make sacrifice, She will conceive and give birth, Olokun was so happy and ready to offer the sacrifice cos that’s exactly why She cast Ifa. Olokun make the sacrifice and Orunmila have to stay at Olokun house till she conceived and give birth. When Olokun gave birth, She was so happy and She decided to make Orunmila more wealthy and famous than before, She send for person who usually make Her crown and She ask him to make same Ade (crown) as Her own for Orunmila, She gave Orunmila plenty wealth and She told Orunmila that she can’t let Her name but He (Orunmila) should be bearing ‘Olokun Ajeti Aye’ ‘Olokun Asorodayo’

Eepa Oosa! Oosa eepa!

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