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Opinion: The Madam Business in Lagos, Dubai..

The Eye Opener was the Madam Business in Dubai, but this news outfit is in the heart of the busiest commercial city in the country. The same goes on in Abuja, as an eyewitness. Madam brought little girls from the east, the south south to do business in Abuja. In my own submission, do you know that the real culprits, the real menace in trafficking are the MEN, the Clients, the customers? As we continue this crusade, I want our Focus, OUR radar to also include the customers.

CASE IN POINT: In the part of the country where I live, my popular governor, who could have been in position to rule America, based on his popularity and love for the commoners, was debased,brought down by his little fling with prostitute. Not much was said about the prostitute, BUT the hue and cry was about the customers, which governor Spitzer happened to be one. The guy is trying a comeback since then. We love him,but his poor judgement gave him up.

The same is the issue in the sin of bribery and corruption. Or call it crime or an offense. It is a felonious crime,but people always talk about the giver, and nothing about the taker. In my own law book, b & c is a two way offense. Let’s adopt the same method in our quest for this trafficking. We should encourage the Madame who are caught to give out names of their clients. Hopefully, DPA big boyz are NOT players too. Then, we can follow this crusade intoto.

~LaCrown I

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