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Facts About Orisa Oya: The God Of The Wind

All other names are infer by the worshiper and devotee from the historical life events of Oya Akanbi (Oya Akanbi is the real name of oya, history and myth handed down to us by our forefathers make it clear that Oya Akanbi was a native of a town called Ira, Ira is a small town not too far from Offa in kwara state, western part of Nigeria. Oya is the goddess of the wind. She combined the three elements of afefe (air) ina (fire) and omi(water) in the make up of her spiritual power. She is a Godess of wealth and business hence some people refer to oya as yeyeloja (queen of the market place) because oya during her life time was an astute and successful business woman. I must correct some wrong notion and opinions of many diaspora oya devotee here who usually reffer to Orisa Oya  or deity of the cemetery or keeper of the cemetery.

This view is wrong about Oya as Orisa. This wrong view arises from comparing Orisa oya with a deity called Maman Brijit in voodoo or voodou tradition (Maman Brijit in voodou tradition is responsible for guading grave yard and share some elements of air power with oya, but to be candid Maman Brijit and Oya are not the same thing thus Oya is not Orisa of cemetery so devotee should try to avoid this error in future.

Oya is an Orisa of wind, she can manifest her power ranging from the gentlest breeze to storm or hurricane sometimes cyclone. She always accompany sango in his mission during thundstrike or thunderstorms. Oya fights with thunderbolt. She is a fierce female warrior. She also protect women. Oya like honesty, she detest lie or immorality of any sort hence oya is been regarded as custodian of morality.

History had it that oya could also emit fire from her mouth the same way her husband sango do emit fire. Oya been a favorite wife of sango use this opportunity to her advantage by charming sango to share one of his important secret of emiting fire from the mouth that was exclusively for sango with oya. Since then oya too can emit fire from her mouth like sango. Oya been Orisa of wind uses her power as agent of change. She brings down dead trees and palm trees and blown away dry bushes to give space for the young ones.

Although Oya is regarded as wife of sango, history had it that she has previously married to ogun and other male deity before she married sango and give birth to ibeji (twins) for sango.

Oya is fiece woman during her life time due to mysterious spiritual power she posses. History had it that she got most of this power from Nupe in Ile Tapa lempe which is located across river Niger in present day Nigeria. Oya mysterious power make many people to fear her and respect her as if she was a man they often praise her ‘obinrin bi Okunrin’ which  means spirited woman like a man. How the failure of sango in his magical conjuration of fire and dare consequences that follows made oya to return spiritualy to Ile Ira. The present day river Niger in Nigeria is name after Oya it is called Odo Oya which mean Oya’s river.

Oya as an Orisa can be appease with one or more of the following :egbo)(mash maize), iyan isu (pounded yam), amala (yam flour food), obidiye (hen), pepeye (duck), abo ewure (she goat), elede (pig), oyin Iran ati afara oyin (wild honey and honey’s combs,obi (kola nut).

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