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What Is Ifa

Question of The Day: What Is Ifa ? ( See Answer )

What Is Ifa : Ifa is a connector between Eledumare (God) and mankind. Ifa is not a Confusionist and neither he’s a traitor. Ifa explains the rationale behind wealth, sorrow, success, failure, sickness, death and the likes, and ensurs purity and cleanliness
In Yorubaland, people contact Ifa for guidance and prosperity in future. Ifa even explains life after death. When a rain is found wanting in Odu’a land, people reach for Ifa as a guide and what needs to be done. To forestall evilly acts and sickness like in community, the role of Ifa cannot be left for secondary role. Barren women contacts Ifa on what should be done to have children and Ifa does not vacillate in decision to provides limelight.


What Is Ifa

Omo Oduduwa does not despise Ifa. It’s Ifa that chose a King and never biased. Any colourful of Ifa’s decision by Chief Priests will incur the wrath of Ifa. When Ifa speaks, the tone of Eledumare (God) is involved. Ifa is a special relations officer to Oyigiyigi (God).
Ifa pronounces the journey of mankind in life, either the roses or thorns. He offers solution to mankind to prevent thorns that may appear during the course of one’s life. Ifa traces one’s destiny and never add to it or subtract from it. The guide to the present and future occurrence is Ifa. And he guides on the kinds of sacrifice that must be offered when a person, community, or country as incur the wrath of God
Omo Odu’a accords respect to Ifa. Ifa’s decision is final. The interpretation of Ifa is only known to Chief Priest(s). Pay a mere lips to Ifa’s final verdict and witness setbacks in life. Ifa’s word in Yorubaland is second to God and third to none. Ifa is a three lettered word in Oduduwa land that we flourish, cherish, nourish and enrich in Odu’a land. We uphold the light of Ifa to the world.

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