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Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji

Sacred Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji: For those of us that love to learn from Ifa

Let us all sit back and relax while i share this story with us in Sacred Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji.

The story goes thus:
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  1. Adekunle Opeyemi

    The Words of IFA are the Words of Olodumare:- ”Let’s train our children so that we can live in peace at our old age,#Ase_Edumare!

  2. Segun Akerele

    These words have uplifted me, Baba! We have been going through financially challenging times, but before we had children we never ran out of money. Now, as money comes in, a lot must go towards what our children need; I do not mind, but it gets really difficult sometimes. Our children are really a blessing that is more valuable than money, particularly when we raise them in the way of the Orisa.

  3. Kenny Fasemore

    Omo la dun aye ifa word is de best take ase amin

  4. Izuchi Joseph

    i am begining to fall in love with ifa verses #makessensedie


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