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See What Colonisation Has Done To My Friends And Millions Of Africans

A friend of mine, a Christian, waiting for me while performing a ritual, said to me, “Araba, I respect you a lot for your knowledge, humility and wisdom but I cannot agree with you on this animal sacrifice. Since Jesus Christ had sacrificed his own blood on the cross for the world, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice blood anymore”.

When my explanation on the necessity of animal sacrifice and its process did not convince him, I asked, “do you eat chicken or beef? When he was taking too much time to answer, I continued, “it is not debatable that humans still have to eat to stay alive. Even if you are a vegetarian, vegetables are living things too, their lives have to be taken to nourish humanity”.

When my friend was leaving, he said, “it seems you are always ready with your answers to my numerous questions”. See what colonisation has done to my friends and millions of Africans including those who regard animal sacrifice as cruelty to animals notwithstanding its process.
Stay blessed.
From Araba of Oworonsoki land, Lagos Nigeria

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