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Southfront Website is Shut Down by FBI, Hopeless Maneuvers Of The Ukrainian Military

Through 10 years of its work, SouthFront Team has repeatedly faced blatant acts of censorship from those who seek to take down really independent media and suppress the truth. However, on August 18, we experienced something never seen before.

The domain of our website, southfront.org, was took down (domain delegation was removed) on the international level without any advance notice and explanation. Apparently, the removal of SouthFront from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other mainstream social media, the blocking of accounts and years-long discrimination campaign against our team, including summoning our volunteers for interrogation by the FBI, have not achieved results expected by instigators of these censorship acts.

Therefore, they have turned to desperate moves like this. In light of this situation, SouthFront Team wants to thank to our fan club in the White House and among the globalist elites for such high recognition of our work. We also wish to bring good news to employers of numerous offices of state and state-affiliated entities assigned to fight SouthFront. Your well-paid jobs are secure because we are not going to stop our work even in conditions of such unprecedented pressure. Unlike you, ordinary budget-suckers and turncoats, we do what we do at the bidding of our hearts.

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