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Niger Raised Prize Of Uranium From €0.80/kg To €200/kg: Reincarnating Libya

Before being reliably informed that this happened, i had seen documents that clearly showed a previous regime in Niger signed contract for 5% royalty on uranium sales, which is absurd and confirms or corroborates what the late Wagner PMC’s head, Prigozhin had said in a video.

Remember the video where he claimed French companies were selling Uranium at €200 but giving only €11 to Niger. So that kind of made sense to me. But €200 vs. €0.80??! I wasn’t prepared for that. Meanwhile, Canada’s uranium is reportedly sold for €200/kg yet it’s okay for France to take Niger’s and throw a miserable €0.80/kg at this blessed country.

For people who may not understand, what the Nigerien junta has done (if this is 100% true) is the same thing that Gaddafi did in Libya. After WW2, Libya was ceded to France and the UK. The UK favored the emergence of a monarchy (the Senussi dynasty) endorsed by the UN.

Since its so-called “independence” in 1951, this dynasty ruled the country under the monarchy of King Idris, on behalf of the British, of course! The British were milking the country dry. They made the monarchy the footstool of the British monarchy, like what you have in Nigeria today (and I know many people don’t know this.)

So, pretty much, every serious decision in government was approved by the monarchy before it was allowed. And because the Libyan monarchy was a criminal extension of the British monarchy and had been insanely corrupted, nothing was approved unless the British monarchy which sits atop the Commonwealth of Nations, had given the green light for its approval.

So, as you can imagine, nothing was in there for the people of Libya. Nearly everything went to the colonials. Life expectancy dropped to the barest minimum. In fact, according to Meyssan, only 250,000 Libyans out of four million, could read and write at the time. That’s how abysmal the literacy rate was. Poverty index ratings placed Libya at the bottom and life was a living hell for them.

Well, when Gaddafi showed up and overthrew the Sennssi dynasty in 1969, those foreign forces that were entrenched in the country to steal the commonwealth of Libyans were sent packing and Gaddafi abolished all that nonsensical slavery monarchy. Gaddafi then went ahead to nationalize Western oil companies like British Petroleum and co & created the National Oil Corporation (NOC), thereby effectively nationalizing the oil wealth of Libyans.

You nationalize when you start earning what you should earn directly and start using it on your countrymen and women rather than letting colonial Europe steal it and use it to pave their roads and build their “heavens on earth” while Africans live in the “stone age.” When Gaddafi was done with them, the same Libya that was one of the poorest countries in the world in 1969 had become a regional economic powerhouse by 2011.

The UNDP (2010) even considered Libya a “high-development” country in the Middle East and North Africa. Libya’s literacy rate jumped from a pitiable single unit to a whopping 88.4% and life expectancy hit an impressive 74.5 years! This is what can happen to any African nation that grows enough balls to demand what is due them and not what is allotted to them by greedy, parasitic colonial corporations.

If you want to know the true cause of poverty in your country, go to the Bureau of statistics or whatever agency is responsible in your country and demand details of how much royalty your country receives on its natural resources & please do well to share your findings with us.

Niger must be encouraged and supported at all costs, because with this price adjustment and given that they don’t have to depend on European or Western buyers to sell their uranium, Niger will soon become another modern Libya in the Sahel. I feel it. Africa will win this.

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