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Bisi Alimi

Tell Buhari To Reverse Gay Law, Bisi Alimi Begs UK MPs

The first Nigerian to come out on national TV is appealing to British MPs in London to speak to Nigerian officials and politicians about a draconian law that makes even befriending a gay person a crime punishable by 10 years in jail. Exiled Bisi Alimi told The Associated Press on Thursday that he has been tortured and persecuted, has lost his home, his job and his country because of his sexual orientation.  The Berlin-based university lecturer said he is using his story to explain the plight of gays in his homeland where most people believe homosexuality is evil.

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  1. Asking a conservative muslim like buhari to change the gay law is like saying to him to convert to christianity isn’t so my broda u are having a laugh if u are asking buhari better still ask oga osinbajo i guess?

  2. Shehu Abubakar

    Nigeria is discipline and religious country, that social vice will not have seat

  3. Put him in the prison let boys that have be in for morthan 20years break his yashi

  4. Nlemedim Lawrence Nnanna

    Adekunle Opeyemi Back to sender.

  5. Omotayo Amire

    Hahahaha! Whenever I read ur comments Nlemedim Lawrence Nnanna I just can’t help but laugh ma ass off! What a shame!!

  6. Nlemedim Lawrence Nnanna

    Omotayo Amire You are a product of gay marriage.

  7. Omotayo Amire

    Nlemedim Lawrence Nnanna This is exactly why I can’t stop laughing @ ur comments. Hw do i xplain it witout sounding insultive, Its more like square peg in a round hole. *hopefully he understands. #fingacrossed

  8. Are yorubas not Nigerians? It is only biafrans that are not Nigerians bcs of their agitation for freedom and it is only slaves that cry for freedom. Yorubas are children in their fathers land Nigeria and not slaves requesting for freedom.

  9. Balogun Adesina

    This guy should rather ask for a medical examination of his sick brain. May God not allow us a president that will support such absurdity.

  10. Treasure Ozioma

    Yoruba people ,,,,,, MAKE UNA SEE UNA SON,,,,,,,

  11. Publicist

    Yoruba people are sophisticated, exposed modern.

  12. Temitayo Adedigba

    Abegi! We have more serious issues yo attend to. Who is this one?

  13. Pray That You Dont Have Brain Cancer And Tumor Combined, It Can Be Terrible As In The Case Of This Guygay

  14. The World Has Truely Developed, Such That H i V No Speak.

  15. Crab’s Brain Is A Very Useless One, This Guy Is A Living Testimony..

  16. Jamiu Raji Rassaki

    Homosexuality is evil,both the Qur’an and Holy Bible rejected it. So,go try another country,not Nigeria.

  17. Ajayi Modupe

    Here we are fighting over what one man, irrelevant by the way said,when, our politicians are robbing us blind we just sidondeylook like mumu.
    We are denied our rights by the crooks and we accept it, we have lost our priority and these crooks know how to divert the attention of mumus like Nigerians.
    We must wake up and smell the coffee.

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