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The Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall Erin Ijesha Olumirin
The Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall Erin IjeshaOlumirin

The Most Beautiful Natural Waterfall: Erin Ijesha (Olumirin)

Erin Ijesha (Olumirin) is a seven step waterfall in Osun State, Nigeria, the waterfalls is a new energizing and amazing experience with nature. Every progression of the waterfall has a flowing fountain that denote the magical way of the spot. The waterfall is a wonderful array of seven extraordinary levels, with every level giving a radical new standpoint when compared with the previous level. The water fall oozes a remedial feeling which only something natural can produce.

Climbing the levels of the waterfall is tranquil an overwhelming one for any climber however one that is truly exiciting and worth the effort. The first level is so delightful and stunning, I have never seen anything like it in my life. The water streamed with a mood and simply watching it gives you a relieving feeling. It was so welcoming I couldn’t stop myself from having a vibe of it; I expected to feel the water on my skin. Not minding my hair, I went in. How it invited me with a full grasp like a lost child, it took a ton of persuading to get me out of the water.
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