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Things Any Groom At A Yoruba Introduction Ceremony Will Remember

In the Southwestern part of the country, introduction ceremonies are significant during the process of getting married. It is where close family members of bride and groom to be, meet officially and get to know relatives of their son and daughter before the wedding day proper. Here are a few things that can go down during this introduction ceremony:


1. You proceed to tell your parents that you want to settle down and you receive their blessings.
Mum go be like, Dayo, Ori e wa nbe!


2. How you and your ‘Retired Demon’ Gang storm your potential Bae’s territory on the introduction D-day. And lo and behold, you are the demon at the center looking gentle as if you haven’t broken 100 hearts before cheesy

Your niggis go dey hail you like: Ose ose omo banke! Ahhh, ota lenu…gbagbe osi!



3. You, wondering whether it is even necessary to prostrate and lie on the floor, just to greet your potential in-laws.

Then you begin to think: So I will stain my starched Agbada…aye mi temi bami, Apostle will hear of this shocked


4. When her father is taking like forever to bless you people and you look up to be sure of what is going on…

Now you begin to murmur “Ejo, Daddy…no be firewood dey for ground o. Na person body.”

5. That your Aunty whose dress and makeup is so on fleek that one will mistake her for the bride-to-be… cheesy cheesy cheesy



6. When you see people (that you don’t even know) at the Introduction Ceremony, and they start famzing and claiming cousins…

Chai! You people will not even wait for the main wedding before doing Mogbo Moya (I hear, I come)

7. How your face lights up when you see your bride-to-be coming out in all her glory…

Then you be like: See babe… I swear I sabi better thing…


8. When the Alaga Iduro(MC) asks the bride-to-be whether she knows you and whether she wants to marry you…

Then you go be like: Haaaa! See ehn, Aunty MC no spoil market for me o. I go throway you comot from this place o

9. Your face when the bride-to-be takes sometime before she answers Alaga Iduro’s question…
Then you go be like:
Ife mi, I beg you in the name of God, don’t do this to me, please.

10. When you sight that your uncle (that didn’t contribute anything to your education and upbringing) eating goat meat, drinking Goldberg and chopping life…

Then you be like: Onku, enuff is enuff! Haaaaa, wetin carry you come here self?



11. When you get a clue about what the Eru Iyawo (Engagement list) will look like…

Then the list go be:
Owo Ori(Dowry)– N100,000

Owo Ijoko Agba – N100,000,

Owo Ikanlekun – N100,000

Owo Aeroplane – N100,000,

Owo Omo Ile – N250,000


12. But you are not worried because you know that you are financially buoyant and capable

Then you begin dey sing: “Ema dami duro, emi omo baba olowo”


13.And finally on the wedding day your in-laws see this in front of their house cheesy

Then you be like, “30 billion for the account oooo”, give me my wife

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