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‘This is my Soulmate’ – A lady says as she returns to her partner that turned her face into a punching bag.

Never forget that walking away from something unhealthy is brave even if you stumble a little on your way out the door. A lady who received the beating of her life from her fiance has chosen to remain in the relationship.

The lady shared photos and video of the mishap and later posted what seems to be going back to the relationship. Many commentators advise her not to return but she seems to have made up her mind.

She was left unrecognizable after she was brutally battered by her fiancé has announced that she’s staying with him and intends to go ahead with their wedding.

Amiracle Unique took to Facebook on September 27, 2021, to share a photo of herself in a hospital. She was battered beyond recognition, had a red swollen eye, broken lips, and bruises on her face in the photo.
She said she was beaten by her man and she did nothing to warrant the beating, except that she tried to enjoy herself
Now, less than two months after the incident, she’s back with him, not minding warnings from people telling her she’s making a mistake.

She announced that she’s going ahead to marry him come September 2022.
To the members of the public warning her not to, she told them that they are not in a position to judge her man since no one is perfect.

She added that her man may not be perfect but he’s trying and that’s enough for her.
“I choose him to go through this thing we call life and I will over and over again… because when you love someone, you choose them over any and everyone… & when the world is against your significant other, it’s your job to hold them up,” she wrote.
She added: “Baby we got this. It’s always been US, never them.”

See her full message below and reactions to it.

As I sit here and think I’m thankful for the man God has bought into my life. No, He isn’t A Perfect Man But He’s a TRYING Man… No one Is Perfect & Anyone Who Claims To Be Is A Fraud themself.

Anyone who knows me knows how far I’ve come & it has everything to do with the man I’m choosing to be with for the rest of my life. I’m gonna speak once and once only upon our situation I don’t owe anyone an explanation of what happened that night because what has happened was left in the past and will continue to be left in the past, we are transitioning and getting ready for our next step in life, my fiancé has taken the right steps to get his family back and when a man acknowledges his wrongs and take the steps to fix what he has done you have no choice but to accept a trying man as he has always been. Bad things happen to good people all the time but who are we to judge what the next person has done wrong when our hands aren’t clean ourselves.

I’ve never been one to Feed into what the world has to say about me, hell I have to live this life and at the end of the day I’m gonna do what makes me happy and in the LAST 5 years, I’ve been more than happy to share my life with my fiancé and create the family we’ve always wanted and accomplish the dreams we have always had. This is MY Person, MY Soulmate… I choose him to go through this thing we call life and I will over and over again with that being said SEPTEMBER 1st, 2022 we still coming for youuuu, save the date because when you love someone you choose them over any and everyone .. & when the whole world is against your significant other it’s your job to hold them up. Baby, we got this it’s always been us, never them.

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