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Today is the first of February, Ose Ifa

After some meditation, I came with this “food for thought”. What have you done to be remembered for positively when you are gone? Then, hear this from Ejiogbe:-
Bi aba de ibi ise nise laase
Adifa fun Akilapa Kirakira tii s’omo Alaafin Oyo
Adifa fun Awalaaye Aja Korikori tii s’omo Osorun Okomi Ndagba
Adifa fun Eeyan kii gbe gbagbe eeyan tii s’omo enikan lasan
Eeyan kii gbe gbagbe eeyan
Ifa maje ki won o gbagbe mi ninu awo
When we get to our places of work we work
Cast divination for the ‘Person with big muscles who is the child of Alaafin Oyo
Cast divination for ‘We are alive’, the child of Osorun Okomi Ndagba
Cast divination for ‘Human beings are easily forgotten’, the child of Ordinary Person
Human beings are easily forgotten
Ifa, don’t let me be forgotten in this spiritual worship. Ase.
Stay blessed.
From Araba of Oworonsoki land, Lagos Nigeria

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