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african wedding

Truth Be Told – Mental Slavery Is The Most Deadliest Disease In Afrika.

Contemporary grown-up afrikans will do anything whatsoever for a white wedding that have nothing to with them at the detriment of our own valid, enlightening and symbolic wedding procession. The destructive mental state of our brothers and sisters today is so pathetic. You will never find a blue-eyed devil, yellow or a dirty arab element performing an afrikan rooted marriage rite anywhere, but deluded afrikans will work their fingers to the bones to stage in the wedding rites of their oppressors!!!

african wedding

Consistently we are being reminded by these evident unfortunate realities that we are really members of a formerly conquered race. The devils came and forced us to accept every bit of their degenerated systems. Today in afrika, the only existing marriage system is the devil’s marriage system but not ours. Our people have been taught that everything that is indigenous to them is outdated and evil.


This is the power in the two oppressive religions our people are currently being enslaved with. You take to the devils religions, then you must take to his culture!!!
Today in afrika, divorce which used to be a strong aberration is now holding sway. Until we as people collectively get rid of all forms of culture, ethos, language, religion, or system, that seeks to make us aliens right on our own lands, our total liberation will never be accomplished!!! ‎

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