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Why they use the Odù of Ìwòrì Wòfún in the Ogbó Ató Blessing in Ifá?

By Awo Ifalenu
Ifá Salutation to an Ifá Initiate or Priest is:
Àború, Àboyè O
Àború, Àboyè, Àboşíşe
When we do this Ifá salutation to any Awo Ifá/ Babalawo/ Oluwo/ Iyanifa/ Apètèbí The Ifá Priest / Initiate gives this Blessing of Ifá: “Ogbó Ató, Àsúre Ìwòrì Wòfún” Many Babalawo talk about this, but why they used this specific Odù they haven’t say anything.
The Key Teaching revealed by the Spirit “Tata G”, Spiritual Emissary of Baba Odùdúwà.
I ask the Spirit the question of why they use this specific Odù Ifá instead of other of the 256 Odù Ifá? The answer of this messenger spirit that has receive spiritual knowledge from Odùdúwà due to his mission has revealed this: This Odù Ifá of Ìwòrì Wòfún (Ìwòrì Òfún) is where the Divine GRACE of Olódùmarè spills or pours to Earth or to the person that this blessing is done to.

Comment: This Odù pours the Merciful Divine Grace Energy from Olódùmarè (God Almighty in Unconscious state), which is the Source of all Universal Neutral Energy. This is why it is customary to use this “Ifá Yorùbá Blessing Formula” which the meaning is the following: “May You have Long Life and Good Health, with the blessing of the Odù Ifá of Ìwòrì Wòfún”.

Note: Here speaks something of the meaning of this Odù and greeting.
“Àború Boye” or “Àború Boye, Şişe bo”. The first means “May your works/Ebo/ Sacrifice be blessed and accepted” the second means “that your Ebo are accepted”. The response of a Babalawo to this is “Ogbó, Ató, Asure, Ìwòrì wòfún” which means, “May you have a Long and healthy life, receive the blessings of Ìwòrì wòfún”.
Others say: Àború Aboye and people respond “Aboye Aboşişe”

This Odu Ifá Ìwòrì Wòfún, is the Divine PORTAL Spills or Pour the Divine Grace or Divine Mercy that comes from the Fountain of Universal Neutral Energy known in the Esoteric Yoruba Tradition of ÒÒŞÀ and IFÁ of Baba Odùdúwà by the code name of Olódùmarè, it’s through this Principle or Odù, either at the mention of his Holy name of the Odù or through its Binary Ifá symbol (Magic symbol of the Odù Ifá). The spirit “Tata G” and Baba Odùdúwà have emphasize that the symbols of the 256 Odù Ifá are DIMENSIONAL PORTALS, who are mark or trace on the “Opon Ifá” (Ifá Oracle Board), they open a Hole or Portal of Energy that manifest here a special specific Power.


So the same as the name of the Odù when is invoked when the visual graphic symbol is combined with the sound, is the union of the Right Cerebral Hemisphere (which is Visual, Intuitive, Artistic) with the Left Cerebral Hemisphere which is Verbal, Linear and Logical. This union of the two Brain hemispheres in action as Image (Symbol) and Sound Vibration active powers that lie in the depths of the human being, as well as the old saying “As above, so below, as below so above, as it is here is there” in the upper subtle planes, image and sound is the great union that opens dimensional doors or portals, and this applies to the 256 Odù Ifá. This is part of the mysteries of the divine magic of Ifá, the use of names and symbols of the 256 Odù.

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