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fake oba Oluwo of iwo

Why Would Oba Of Iwo Be Reasoning Like A 4yrs Old Kid? –

The same Oluwo of iwo who got his crown through Traditional institution is now splitting rubbish,why would Oba of Iwo be reasoning like a 4yrs old kid??Good governance has nothing to do with religion,infact China,Japan,India still worship idols,yet they are progressing at alarming rate.If he wants to be preaching against idol worship, he should first renounce his throne and become alfa or pastor.He can’t eat his cake and still have it.Who you pray to is not what drives economy,plan and execution is what grows economy. Tell Oluwo of Iwo to keep his mouth shut is he is suffering mouth diarrhea.


Cc – Omokemi Akin-otiko Romeo

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