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Desecration Of Yoruba Heritage Value: Who’s not guilty AMONGST our revered Monarchs & Kingmakers!?

This piece shall hinge its fact on Yoruba adage that stated that…many are thieves but the one caught remains robber! When you watched sincerely on every Sunday Services in most Churches; what you will obviously noticed to your surprised admiration inside the Christian temple must be the outer display of ignorance by majority of our Yoruba Monarchs.

Some of our Yoruba Monarchs, in most times use their beaded crown to kneeling down in front of a Pastor, in the name of worshipping their lost God. Meanwhile, they all agreed that they are the Igbakeji Orisa that is second to non in this planet.

Anyway, do some of our Monarchs know the real traditional meaning of being IGBAKEJI ORISA? Hmmmmmmm….what is ORISA within the Yoruba context? And why are the OBAs called custodians of custom and traditions of a land? The answer remain open to all of us here to search for………

When you kneel down in front of your subject that is a Pastor to pray for you, with your traditional Crown on, Signifies what type of sensible conduct? Then who’s incharge in the eyes of God; the king or a Pastor?

When spiritually as a king, it’s believed that OBAs are Ordained by Almighty Eledumare as the eyes, in leading a sanctified group of human race called communities! But instead of most Yoruba OBAs to dignified their position, it is usually turn other way round.

May be I, MYSELF, Prince Lawrence Loye, have to undergo a 2years seminary school quickly; to extensively study Bible more, so that all such OBAs must come to kneeling down in my front for prayers on deliverance and to locate their lost prosperity for them…… Abeg, Hmmmmmmm, abi, nna no see rubbish thinking for Yoruba land!?

In going through many historical lines, after all exchanges of ideals and customs with white men, the then ancient OBA ADO BINI(now Benin city) turned down all the European intrigues for the whites to established Church for him in his domain; instead of the OBA to be deceived, he affirmed his willingness to serves and worship Almighty OSANOBOA in his own way and thereafter established what is called HOLY AROSA today with Chief Priest of the traditional church coming from Benin Royal Priesthood!

Painfully, when one study the 2 photographs below, we do not need to start bothering ourselves on how to salvage the level of destruction Yoruba culture had noose diving upon. Whereas, as a traditional king, part of the cultural entertainments, some communities enjoyed most times, are the traditional roles of their OLORIs.

In some cases where the King is fierce looking, the OLORI(s) is or are usually there to calm down the nerves of the Royal Majesty and play some lovable roles in the unification of the kingdom. Anyway, as for me, I do not know how to classified the 1st picture… The king and who are those people by his two sides?

The second picture depicted a King (sorry for the use of our regular…. -“Emir awon science students”….. again) using his crown to pray by using forehead to touchdown continuously with traditional crown on ……..hmmmmmmmm, must the king put on the crown to pray? Why not put on a soft fitted head cover, if he must continue with his faith as a king?

Back to the current sacrilegious and abominable offence committed by our AKOTILETA Monarch- Emir Abudlrasheed Akanbi of Yoruba land…to start with in accordance to Yoruba proverb “DIE LOWO OKO PUPO LOWO ALE” meaning both HUSBAND AND CONCUBINE are guilty!

How did Emir Akanbi (Prince of Jihadist ) ascended the throne of Iwo land? Where had this Emir of Yorubaland worked before in his lifetime? What are his background of childhood historical honours and educational background before been crowned? Is there any security check done generally on all his lifestyle in abroad, at home, businesses etc before been picked as the right candidate? What’s the role played by all the kingmakers before approval by the Osun State COUNCIL?

The only pains I have now , is that no one is there neither responsible or any traditional body as respected cultural organisation to the extent of command, direct, control, regulate….our cultural heritage and honours any more.

Therefore, I am scared of clinching to one sentence at this stage…….hmmmmmmmmmmm, Yoruba traditions and cultural heritage may be heading towards extinction!

Eledua gbawa lowo awon ogun AKOTILETA, ALAINITELORU, OLOJUKOKORO lori ASA, ISE ati ISEDALE ile Oodua(Ase ooo)

Ki Eledumare da iso-nu ire ati ogo wa pada Lola awon Baba nla wa (Ase Edumare)

By Prince Oba-Loye Adimula

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  1. Temitayo Adedigba

    Both are from osun state.olowu and OLUWO,e je ki a bi aregbesola lere idi ti o fi nri be

  2. Jamiu Raji Rassaki

    As for me, i can’t blame these blind people called themselves king, the blame is for the chief priest of their town and all king makers, because it is apparently opened that they don’t follow the path laid down traditionally by using ifá to select the best person that will be emerge as king, they all depend on bribery, if ifá chooses someone that have no money they will not make him as king because there is no money he can spend for them, they prefer to pick the worst person that ifá forbidden to emerge as king as far as he has money.
    The present olukere of ikere-ekiti is not the one that ifá choose, even they pack ifá aside and started line up at their back as if they were doing primary election, it is a person that has money to canvass that was chooses on the throne now.

    So, we yorubas are the problem of ourselves, most noble babalawo self is a thief and grievous when it comes to the level of money, nobody can be trusted among us, be you popular or not……., things have spoilt, is only Eledumare that can mend it.

  3. Nelson Lynmath

    Emir of Science Students…Hmmmmmmm.

  4. Pamilerin Badegesin


  5. Pamilerin Badegesin

    hope the Yoruba traditions are always recognized for their deep power and beauty and kept pure for all of us who love Ifa and the Orisha. Change is part of life but it doesn’t necessarily have to be detrimental to those of us who stay true to Ifa..

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