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Youths Threaten To Kill ‘Prophet’ For Failing To ‘Restore’ Audu’s Life

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  1. Iyiachukwu G C Achukwu

    This is a lesson we must all learn from vanity upon vanity

  2. Nnamani Stephen Okechukwu

    Audu himself will not want to come back when he’s busy attending to 100 virgins per day. He must be too busy to take note of the tears of those crying for him. If those crying believed he’s in a better place why did they want to bring him back? They should do quick to go and join him.

  3. Yakub Muraina

    Only Allah that has power to create and ressurect,he who died,dead forever.may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  4. Ejykman Anichebe

    Desperation will lead many to their doom. Trust in the infinite wisdom and will of God alone. If God wanted him raised, there would be no need for fanfare.

  5. Shehu Abubakar

    Na waoh for these prophets.

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