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I Finally Took The Hiv Test after my Girlfriend tested positive.

This is about the first story I’ll be posting here, so please pardon my typo and I’ll try to make it a short one.

I met this girl about four years ago and we started dating immediately (she was 20). She was a good person but I had no deep emotional feelings for her. She even got a customized Man United Jersey for me.. The first birthday gift I ever had.

Fast forward to December 2018, I decided to break up with her becos I met someone else whom I thought I would settle down with but that relationship turned out be my worst nightmare (story for another day). By January 2020 I decided I’ve had enough and quitted, then I reached out to my ex and mended things with her cos she never offended me and I didn’t want to be lonely.

Our relationship was mainly sexual.. Sometimes without protection.

Fast forward, mid May 2020 she sent me a message asking when last I did an HIV test and I told her since August last year (a lie). I called her immediately and tried to know why she asked and she confessed that she has been diagnosed HIV positive since late last year and she has been battling with her conscience since we came back and started having unprotected sex.

Initially, I was very furious with her and myself. How could I make such a silly mistake?… How could I be so gullible as to trust a girl merely by her looks? She called, messaged and begged that I should forgive her but I told her to give me some space for the time being.

I became so scared of going for a test until last month (September) when I decided to meet her. We spoke at length and I was more traumatized when she told me that she wasn’t in any sexual relationship since our break up in 2018… She thought I infected her. I was also confused because aside catarrh I’ve not treated even malaria since the beginning of this year. In fact since August last year I was only diagnosed with malaria and typhoid.

Conclusively, I decided to go with her to the hospital to conduct the test yesterday October 19, 2020. I prayed for a second chance as i waited anxiously in the Lab reception.

Finally, the doctor called me and told me the test result. Wow.. What a relief, I thank God Almighty for a second chance. I know HIV is not the end of the world, but what I feared the most and for most people out there is the stigma.

AND FOR MY NOW EX… I’ll Like to sit down with her in order to know the truth. I want to know how she contracted HIV.

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