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buhari 2016 Budget

President Buhari apologizes to Nigerians on Fuel Price as he presents ₦6.08trillion 2016 Budget

President Buhari today presented the N6.08 trillion 2016 Budget (spending plan) to the National Assembly members. Amid his discourse, President Buhari said Nigeria stays focused on expansion to manufacture and reflate the economy. On the present fuel scarcity, Buhari apologized to Nigerians and reprimanded it on a few partners who have declined to embrace change. He said fuel pump cost will stay at N87 for the time being.

On ₦6.08trillion 2016 Budget

He said the trust in government is at an unsurpassed low yet that his govt won’t sell out the trust put in them. He said his legislature has the will, assets and duty to convey to the Nigerian individuals.

He declared that a Conditional Cash Transfers to poor people will be made and that it will be overseen by the Vice President’s office. On the instructive part, Buhari said 500, 000 teachers will be recruited.

On the expansion of the economy, Buhari said youthful farmers and miners will be supported. He included that N1.884 Trillion will be borrowed to fund the 2016 budget.
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