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Nollywood Actor Dede 1 passes on ! (Sun re O)

OoduaRere.com can authoritatively  confirm this miserable news. Fabulous Nollywood performing artist, Dede 1 Day went on yesterday. The on-screen character who shot into spotlight for his ‘Laugh With Me’ comic drama series kicked the bucket in the wake of engaging with hypertension toward the beginning of today, December 14, subsequent to performing at 2 occasions yesterday.


Dede’s last photo Alive with Charles Esonu wearing dark blue.

As indicated by our sources who sent in the above photograph he MCéd a system for Charles Esonu yesterday in Aba. He from that point went to Ugwunagbo for another occasion he was paid , however he couldn’t reason that occasion as he was hurried to clinic over pulse related issue and he kicked the bucket later. dede one day Update! We Just likewise Confirmed the news from a relative of his who additionally goes to the same place of worship with him He was a member from The Eternal Sacred Cherubim and Seraphim (ESOCS) Church Mbieri Province Abia State. He is affectionately called the ‘entertainer with an extra joke’. Sun re dede one

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