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Dozens Dead, Scores Injured after a deadly blast hit The City Of Gombe

More than 40 individuals were dead in Gombe city and 60 were wounded in multiple bomb blasts at two bus stations in
,northeast Nigeria, on Wednesday after a progression of bomb impacts tore through two transport stations, a worker and a witness told AFP. The main impact happened at around 7:30 pm  close to the entrance to the Dadin Kowa end, while the second happened in 20 minutes later in the Dukku region.
Witnesses reported listening to two impacts at both locales yet absence of power made it difficult to say whether they were suicide assaults or custom made bombs left at the scenes.  Gombe city was hit last Thursday, when a progression of extemporized dangerous gadgets went off in a business sector, killing 49.

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Twin blasts shook a business sector in the northeast east Nigerian city of Gombe on Thursday, leaving a few individuals dead, witnesses said. The first blast occurred outside a footwear shop around 1620 GMT, trailed by a second blast minutes later , said Badamasi Amin, a nearby trader who counted no less than three bodies.  Ali Nasiru, another local trader, said he saw “individuals lying lifeless on the ground”.