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“We are Fighting in Baga, Stop the Noise, lets fight” – Gen Olukolade tweets on Baga

In an arrangement of tweets, Nigeria Defense Spokesperson, Gen Chris Olukolade responded to all clashing reports about Baga, the battle to recover Baga, the quantity of regular citizens, military and terrorists murdered during a week ago’s assault by Boko Haram sect.

As per Gen Olukolade, the number of passings in Baga, both of regular people and military can’t be “noteworthily numberd”. He additionally included that the military can’t likewise tally the quantity of Boko Haram parts they executed. He says that Nigeria claims the battle against the terrorists and that for best reasons known to them, Niger and Chad government withdrew their troops from the Multi Joint Task Force unit in Baga. See his tweets bellow.
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