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Housemaid bags 20 years behind bars for stealing underwear

An Igbosere Magistrate’s Court has sentenced a 20 year old housemaid, identified as Vivian, to 2 months’ imprisonment for stealing her female boss’ sets of underwear and other valuables.  The maid who was employed by Bisi Awoniyi, was on a salary of N20,000 per month and had 1 day off each week.

On September 9th which was her arranged day off, her boss asked to search her bag before she could leave. During the search, the boss discovered face towels, several pieces of underwear and night wears that belonged to her (the boss).  After checking the accused’s phone, she also discovered that Vivian had three different newly-opened bank accounts.

The boss immediately reported the matter to Dolphin Police Station, Ikoyi, and Vivian was arrested.  The police obtained a search warrant on the house where the housemaid stayed, and discovered more stolen items. The maid was arraigned on one count of stealing. The accused pleaded guilty and the magistrate, Mrs A.G, Omoyele, sentenced her to 2 months’ imprisonment.


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