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Isis Released Video, Photos Of Recent Clashes In Nigeria’s Borno

On October 17, ISIS’ news agency Amaq released a video and several photos of the terrorist group’s recent clashes with Nigerian government forces in the northeastern state of Borno.

The clashes broke out on October 15 when government forces had launched a large attack on ISIS’ hideouts in the village of Duska. The group’s terrorists repelled the attack after heavy clashes, which can be seen in Amaq’s video.

ISIS claimed that at least 30 Nigerian soldiers were killed in the failed attack. However, Amaq’s photos show the dead bodies of seven soldiers only.

ISIS influence in Borno state is growing, especially in the areas bordering Lake Chad. Last week, the group’s terrorists slaughtered 14 farmers in the town of Ngwom.

The Nigerian military and security forces are intensifying their operations against ISIS in Borno. However, the terrorist group is not retreating. The situation in the state may soon spin out of control.

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