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LWKMD!! … & Pres. GEJ Said He Brought Trains To Nigeria, Watch Pathetic Video

On the off chance that you watch this video, then you will accept Nigerians are really suffering. This video was recorded on seventeenth of February, 2015 in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State. I live in Lagos as well, however I have never seen such a circumstance in my life. They say it even happens consistently, particularly when individuals close from work.

In the video, it indicated how Nigerians took a chance with their lives by hopping on a moving train attempting to anteroom to stick around the completely occupied train. It makes me extremely upset. Never knew this could ever happen in Nigeria, in any event not Lagos. It would appear that something CNN/BBC/ABC (Always embarrass us)  shows from world enduring nations. It’s truly appalling.

N.B Pls this has nothing to do with a political post, and this post is not intended to stain the picture of any party. We are just discussing the circumstance within reach here, after all we have the privilege to talk paying little respect to political exercises right now occurring in the nation.

So in the event that you need to fault PDP for this, recollect Lagos is managed by APC, and in the event that you need to blame APC for this, recall Nigeria overall is being controlled by a PDP-drove government, which supervises Lagos also.
So simply implore, lol.

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