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Nnamdi Kanu

Only In Nigeria A fraudstar Operating a pirate radio will be allowed to threaten National Security?

Writen by Chike Okonkwo

If you don’t want Nigeria,go back to your village and stay and allow those of us who want Nigeria to stay in peace.  Make sure you leave Lagos,Abuja,PH etc straight back home.  Stupidity is staying outside Igboland and be campaigning for Biafra and break up. Relocate and enjoy your eldorado in the south east and allow those who want to remain Nigerians to be in peace with the rest.

Very soon govt will clamp down on politicians using Biafra to pull down the govt of Buhari.  Riding on ethnic fault lines and sentiments to threaten and destablize with an intention to topple the govt of PMB is not only unacceptable but treasonable!

Why did the agitation start immediately PDP lost?
Can PDP come clean?

How come the South South has moved on it is the south east that is being used?

Gen Sisi defeated the Muslim brotherhood and restored order in Egypt.MB is a grassroot movement with massive follwership all over Egypt.

There is no internal uprising that cannot be crushed.

Look at Libya and Iraq,they were held by strongmen who ensured peace until the US came.
PMB must very firm on issues of insurrection.

Democracy is not lawlessness! You cannot march on the streets of a serious country destroying their national flag in public.

Don’t we have a govt?

No govt allows miscreants to threaten her national security.

A fraudstar operating a pirate radio will be allowed to threaten national security?

Only in Nigeria!

The DSS, DIA & NIA are expected to undertake not only overt operations BUT COVERT operations!

State Security service goes beyond wearing suits with dark glasses or inviting people for a chat.

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  1. Paul Paul

    That SE leaders are not condemning the criminal biafra Champion and his brainwashed supporters is instructive. Someone told me they are fighting injustice! Really? The expulsion of clueless Jonathan from Aso rock is injustice to “Biafrans”? You must be kidding me! It’s time for all security agencies to get down to work and clamp down on all criminals and street urchins masquerading as Biafrans. GEJ has moved on with his life so I expect his supporters to follow suit and stop disturbing public peace.

  2. Treasure Ozioma

    I think you guys are creating unnecessary awareness for this Nnamdi Kanu. This Biafra matter will die a natural death with massive developmental, infrastructural projects in South East like, Enugu Onitsha expressway, Enugu Port Harcourt expressway and Second Niger bridge funded by Federal Government and awarded to JB or its equivalent not Ccc and co.

    I was a child during the Civil war, I saw it all and I pray that God Will never allow any other war in Igboland. Check, the age bracket of these people propagating this Biafra are those born after 1970.

    My appeal to PMB is to focus on programs that will create employment for our youths all over the country. Government should not waste their energy on Nnamdi Kanu and his supporters. Arrest and clamping down will be promoting and creating awareness for them. Please, Government should neglect them for now and work for us.

  3. Dilibe Emma Eneh

    cowards are writing just 2 likes for 10 hours that tells you that you are writing nonsense

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