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Quote of the day: Between Boko haram and Biafra Ideology !

“The quest for an Islamic republic by boko haram is similar to the quest for present day Biafra of five landlocked South east states.” –  Chike Okonkwo

“The truth is that the quest for the present day Biafran is actually a threat to the existence of Igbo people. They lack coherence. If you really want Biafra, go beyond this primodial tribal rhetorics and outline the benefits of Biafra. So far, they are worse than Boko haram. If you are asking whether they have killed somebody yet, I’ll remind you that there was a time when Boko haram has never killed anybody. There was a time when Nazi propaganda machine has not harmed anybody yet. If you are waiting for it to start bombing people before you know it’s dangerous, you must be a big fool.” –  Steve Chike Abia

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  1. Uche Ahiafor

    he is a fool, a fool that hs no idea wat it takes to live n run a business frm d SE. Biafra is worth a try


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