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Egyptian Security Forces take out 15 IS-linked Terrorists In Sinai Peninsula

Airstrikes carried out by the Egyptian security forces on the Sinai Peninsula asserted existences of no less than 15 terrorists connected to the IS.

Airstrikes, led by the Egyptian Security Forces, executed no less than 15 terrorists, connected to the Islamic State (IS) terrorist bunch, on the Sinai Peninsula, nearby media wrote about August 10.

The positions of the Ansar Beit al-Maqdis dread gathering faithful to the IS close to the urban areas of Sheik Zuweid and Rafah were targeted by two strikes, launched from the helicopters, the Akhbal el-Yom data site said. As per the media outlet, the counter dread operation is still ongoing. The Egyptian Security Service has not affirmed the data about the operation sp far.

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