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Multipolar World

Military And Political Trends Of 2020 That Will Shape 2021

South Front 2020 was a year full of surprises. It marked the advent of a new reality which may, with an equal probability, lead humanity to a new dark age or to a global digital dystopia. In this context, there ...

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Egypt wants NOI Disqualified From WTO Top Job

by Oluseyi Awojulugbe Egypt has requested that Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s nomination to contest for the office of the director-general of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) should not be recognised. It said member states of the African Union (AU) had been required ...

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Ex-Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Dies After Fainting in Courtroom at Age 67 – Report

One of the top members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the leader of the Freedom and Justice Party ruled the country between June 2012 and July 2013. Mohamed Morsi has died after he fainted during a trial and was ...

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Egypt Military: Isis Leader Killed In Sinai

On April 18, the Egyptian Defense Ministry announced that its forces had killed a man identified as the leader of ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula this week. According to the Ministry of Defense, Nasser Abu Zaqoul was killed during the ...

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Scores dead, many injured as Explosion rocks Mosque in Egypt’s Northern Sinai (PHOTO)

The attack struck the mosque during Friday prayers. Egypt has been fighting jihadist militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula since they had pledged allegiance to Daesh in 2014.  An explosion has occurred at Al Rawdah mosque, west of El Arish ...

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The Six-Day war half a century on: winners and losers

by Ghassan Kadi Like all Arabs of my age group, we all remember this war like it was yesterday. We remember how we huddled glued to our radios listening to military news reports and watching military parades and war songs ...

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Second Blast in Egypt’s Tanta City Hits Police Station

A second explosion occurred in the Egyptian city of Tanta on Sunday, following a deadly blast at a church. CAIRO (Ooduarere) — According to the Akhbar Ajila media outlet, the second explosion occurred at a training center of a police ...

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Egyptian Security Forces take out 15 IS-linked Terrorists In Sinai Peninsula

Airstrikes carried out by the Egyptian security forces on the Sinai Peninsula asserted existences of no less than 15 terrorists connected to the IS. Airstrikes, led by the Egyptian Security Forces, executed no less than 15 terrorists, connected to the ...

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Is Being Black Bad? : The Implicature Of Egyptians’ Story Drowning In The Red Sea

  Like Professor Molefi Ashanti of Ghana, I shall also begin my write up with a conclusion that “until the lion tells his side of the story, the tales of hunt will always glorify the hunter”. When I was younger, ...

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egypt air

Egyptian military found wreckage from the EgyptAir passenger plane that vanished

The Egyptian military has found wreckage from the EgyptAir traveler plane that vanished on May 19 over the Mediterranean Sea 290 kilometers (180 miles) north of the Egyptian city of Alexandria, the nation’s state TV reported Friday. CAIRO (Ooduarere) – ...

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