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What The Abrahamic apologists want us to believe

Telling our stories begins from looking into the doings of our forebears and excavating the knowledge database resulting from the cultural practices of our ancestors. For so long, we have heard about who we really are from a people who ...

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Ill-advised African Leaders

Between mortgaging our future and sandwiching our geographical value essence, the contemporary African leaders act like the ill-advised flies following a corpse to the grave in its untamed zeal for greed. Covered in faulty rhetorics that their effort to get ...

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One Nigeria; The Lies And Hypocrisy Ingrained In Our DNA

  Nationhood finds its beauty when the people therein speak a common language, that is the language of progress. Above every individual pursuit, the idea of nationhood is of a significant concern on the priority scale of its members. The ...

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Naming In 21st Century; An Outright Cultural Brigandage

As young as five years old, I went to my mum and asked: “what is the meaning of Luqman?” That look that elevates cultural insouciance took her facial expression as she replied gleefully that the name Luqman was one respected ...

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Is Being Black Bad? : The Implicature Of Egyptians’ Story Drowning In The Red Sea

  Like Professor Molefi Ashanti of Ghana, I shall also begin my write up with a conclusion that “until the lion tells his side of the story, the tales of hunt will always glorify the hunter”. When I was younger, ...

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Olubuse’s Concession Of White Foster Father: A Monumental Dent On The Black Race

  Let us get it right first that the Yoruba people do not have any biological connection with either Sudan or Saudi Arabians as claimed by some sychophantic hagiographers. These bandits of history have little or no appreciable knowledge of ...

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21st Century Nigerian Leaders And Their Display Of Historical Imbecility

You see, when a people’s history is documented by intruders, chances are that the victim’s most revered ideology and philosophy would be eroded away by constant misrepresentation from the intrusive elements. Their custom would become an object of global mockery ...

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