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What The Abrahamic apologists want us to believe

Telling our stories begins from looking into the doings of our forebears and excavating the knowledge database resulting from the cultural practices of our ancestors. For so long, we have heard about who we really are from a people who are relentlessly committed to making us appear bad. But we won’t play the game by their rules, we will show them we are tactful and full of wits. They have said our forebears worship lesser Gods. This is because they don’t have a good knowledge of us.

For the record, Olodumare is NOT God as the Abrahamic apologists want us to believe. That nomenclature is too insignificant to contain what Olodumare connotes or stands for. ODÙ is the Yoruba word for Pot, and it is metaphoric of the spherical planets in the universe. MARÈ means something that is inexhaustible, and ‘OL’ before them is a prefix that shows possession. This means that the Possessor of this Pot (OLÔDÙMARÈ) is what our forebears gave ultimate credence to, you cannot worship a Thing that is not affected by your praise or worship. Today, science has uncovered that universe houses countless and inexhaustible things (phenomenons). Do you think this is the same thing as God in Abrahamic sense? I don’t think so.

Remember that the Bible God, Yahweh, for instance clearly states that the Israelites ARE HIS chosen ones. He reserves no compassion for any other people where Israelites are concerned. From Egyptians to Amalekites, the Bible is my proof. No God with universal influence will be so bias. Also, the Arabic God Allah does not feel any bad when he ordered that his prophet subdue anyone who is anti-Islam, a religion that HE did not give Adam and Eve his first set of creatures in the first place. Curious, isn’t it? He feels no remorse for being sectional when he declared Saudi as the ONLY HOLY land where he can do wonders with people’s prayers. A God with serious business won’t do that, in my own estimation.

Yes, we have Orishas in Yoruba. But because many of us have been fed nonsense for long, we quickly attach negativity to them. A simple breakdown of the word will reveal that we have been lied to. Ori means head in English and SHÀ means selected. The Orishas that we have are creatures whose HEADs have singled out for their noteworthy contributions to the Yoruba race. We have Obatala, Elegba/Esu, Ogun, Iyemoja, Oshun, Shango and Oya. A close look at them will reveal the gender balance or complimentarity we have in our cosmology. Ask yourself this; have you ever heard of an Obatala faithful equate Obatala to Olodumare? Be my guest.

When we are ready for serious business of Yoruba nation building, we will begin spreading the knowledge of actual representation of our heritage in the media and education outlets. Good morning.

Wale Oyedeji.

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