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Egyptians: ‘Descendants of invaders and have nothing to do with the ancient Egyptians?

What do Egyptians think about Alexander Balogun trying to push the narrative that they are only descendants of invaders and have nothing to do with the ancient Egyptians?

Very interesting question. I am not trying to push any narrative. I am only restating an already established fact that every major authorities in academia hold today.

Mohamed Emara claimed my position is full inaccuracies. He also used a very bogus genetic study that was centered in Abusir-el-Meleq, a Grave Complex that was largely used during the Saite-Persian domination of ancient Egypt which he doesn’t know were not indigenous ancient Egyptians. I will touch more on that later…

What is my position:

My position is that indigenous ancient Egyptians originated from the Southern Nile corridor. The Southern Nile corridor is an expanse that covers Northern Sudan and the Sahara region of Southern Egypt.

Archaeologically these regions are registered as part of the earliest, I repeat earliest phases of the Historical developments of Egypt.


Every major Cultural technocomplexes of Egypt throughout the Paleolithic, Mesolithic periods came from Sudan. The Egyptian Neolithic Cultures were a secondary result of the Sudanese Nubian Neolithic traditions.

Relatively new to this discussion are two major challenges to the belief that Egypt was isolated in Africa in early times. First, the Neolithic of Sudan is now known to have been much more complex socially than thought only a generation ago (Reinold & Krzyzaniak 1997: 12; Reinold l99l: 28) and it had significant influence on the earliest phase of Neolithic culture in Upper Egypt, the Tasian (Friedman 2002: see Darnell 2002: 158-159 for later connections, 162-165 for Tasian).


Nabta Playa an ancient site and one of the earliest sociocultural heritages on Earth which is believed to have influenced the later ancient Egyptian tradition was from this same Southern Nile Corridor.

Nabta Playa is a remarkable site composed of hundreds of prehistoric tumuli, stelae, and megalithic structures located in the Nubian Desert, approximately 100 kilometers west of Abu Simbel in southern Egypt. They are the result of an advanced urban community that arose approximately 11,000 years ago, and left behind a huge assembly of stones, which have been labelled by scientists as the oldest known astronomical alignments of megaliths in the world. Some archaeologists believe that the people of Nabta Playa were the precursor civilization for the first Nile cities that arose in Egypt thousands of years later.


So how are these positions inaccurate?

The problem is many of these people lack historical and archeological knowledge of ancient Egypt. They rely soley on bogus scientific gimmicks which supports and justify their connection with ancient Egyptians, even though there are no Historical, Linguistical and Archaeological studies,findings or fatcs that supports their bogus scientific study.

It is very unthinkable and unimaginable that people who originated from Sudan and the Sahara, who over thousands of years had established their cultural traditions from the Stoneage period to the Bronze age can be denied their heritage. Just because a Scientific study conducted some genetic studies on a foreign dominated Grave Complex. This is in fact a fallacy of hasty generalization.

Additionally, the genetic study of Ramses III and his son Pentewar clearly showed that both father and son carry E1B1A which is known today Sub-Saharan YDNA Haplogroup. However, this YDNA Haplogroup originated from the Sahara in antiquity during the Green Sahara period. It later spread to different habitable regions in Africa which included parts of the Nile Valley, Lake Chad Basin, River Niger, River Benue etc..


Ramses III and his son lived in Egypt over 1,000 years before the Roman domination of ancient Egypt. Yet Mohamed Emara bogus Scientific study suggests Sub-Saharan population was present in Egypt during the Post Roman period. This is why his premise is bogus and mendacious.

The very fact that the genetic study I presented was conducted with authorization of the Egyptian Government and was manned by Egypt’s finest scientists and scholars from the University of Cairo with help from both Germany and Italy’s scientists…. Conducted extensive genetic study on well known ancient Egyptian personalities of Royal bloodline, with the result stating that they carry E1B1A which is a Sub-Saharan YDNA Haplogroup, has more weight than random unknown mummies that cannot be verified.

Everyone knows that ancient Egypt was occupied by several foreign societies who dominated and ruled Egypt for over 2,800 years collectively. Many of these foreign occupiers embraced the ancient Egyptian tradition and burial rites. We all know of the Ptolemaic dynasty, we all admire Cleopatra, they ruled Egypt as Pharaohs they were mummified, along with their elites and Upper Class people.

Many people don’t know that the Libyans also occupied Northern Egypt. They were responsible for the end of the indigenous New Kingdom Rule in Egypt. The Libyan dominance in Egypt lasted for over 500 years, with their descendants ruling Egypt on several occasions.

The Persians also occupied Egypt. They built temples, infrastructures and showed interests in the ancient Egyptian tradition and mummification process. Many Persian Elites were buried in Abusir-el-Meleq, Saqqara. The same site that was the source of Mohamed’s Scientific study.


Even the Copts that many people with poor understanding of its origin try to tag as part of the ancient Egyptian bloodline. The Coptic faith was a foreign sociocultural heritage influenced on an already admixed Society.

The Libyans had occupied Egypt for over 500 years, the Persians for over 100, the Greeks for over 300 years, the Romans for over 500 years before the Coptic heritage arose to become a dominant faith in Egypt.

Egypt was the most Fertile region in the ancient world. It was an eye candy that attracted invaders to occupy and dominate the resources the region was blessed with. The indigenous population were pushed further South to the near desert regions while the foreign conquerors grabbed the lush Nile Delta and other favorable regions in Northern Egypt.

Many people still don’t know that up until 969 AD, Libyans continued to migrate and occupy Egypt. The Hawwara people..

The Hawwara’s original homeland was in Tripolitania, Libya, 8th century accounts mention an ard Hawwara (country of the Hawwara). From the 8th century to 12th century, the eastern boundaries of their land ran through Tawergha, Waddan, and Zella. Hawwara’s territory was bordered to the east by the Mazata tribe.[2]

A fraction of the Hawwara were part the Fatimid army that conquered Egypt in 969. After the conquest, they were given land grants by the Fatimid caliphs.[2] The Hawwara tribe became dominant in al-Buhayra in Egypt. In 1380/1381, Barquq, Sultan of the Mamluks, established some Hawwara groups in Upper Egypt and granted the Iqta’ of Girga to the Hawwari chief, Isma’il ibn Mazin. Isma’il was succeeded by Umar, the eponymous of the Banu Umar clan.[3] After sacking al-Fayyum in 1485, the Hawwara tribes became the true rulers of Upper Egypt.[4]

In Egypt’s history, the whole southern region is the cradle of tribal settlements. By the 19th century, Upper Egypt was completely ruled by the Hawwara tribe. Governance had become decentralized as the Hawwara spread their sovereignty over ten provinces and parts of the other remaining twenty-one provinces in Upper Egypt.[5] The Hawwara tribe were deemed to be the de facto rulers of Upper Egypt and their authority spanned across North Africa, up until the campaigns of Ibrahim Pasha in 1813, which finally crushed their dominant influence.[6]

During the Mamluk rule in Egypt, the Hawwara were the most dominant tribe in Upper Egypt under the leadership of Sheikh Hammam.[7] Sultan Barquq made relationships with the Hawwara in order to keep the Arab tribes from becoming powerful.[8] Towards the end of the Mamluk dynasty, the Hawwara and Arabs began cooperating to kill Mamluks. Due to their cooperation, the Mamluks labelled the Hawwara as being Arab. Although they are originally Berber, the term “Sheikh of the Arabs” is usually bestowed upon their leaders.


Today Egypt is a melting pot of races and cultures. Historically, more foreign societies have occupied and dominated Egypt than any society today. Yet some people in their delusions would affirm Egypt had no significant foriegn ancestry. It is naive to make such positions.

This Havard University lecture below explains the origin and Historical developments of ancient Egypt. Using Archaeological, Historical and Linguistical facts.


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