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RT Television DARES to Challenge the French Intelligentsia!

by Phil Butler for the Saker blog

Unprecedented, is the only word to describe the assault on the Russia Today (RT) networks abroad. The U.S. backed liberal world order has declared information jihad at a time when press freedom and truth have never been more vital. Today, let’s look at these “information terrorists” in France, and the role in the EU’s intelligentsia and ministry of truth.

Just days after RTTV announced a French version of its independent broadcasting, a media terror strike was launched by journalistic celebrities and career Russophobes in the form of an open letter to Olivier Schrameck, president of the superior Council of audiovisual (CSA). In the letter a number of liberal academics plead for the revocation of the license for newly launched RT France to operate. In reaction, Philippe Leruth, the president of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) told Sputnik News on Thursday that giving in to the demands of prominent French personalities to stop RT France from broadcasting would be “an insidious form of censorship.” With the much talked about “Ministry of Truth” of Germany and the EU’s version of symmetrical information warfare in mind, let’s now examine a new breed of terrorist – the liberal world orders censorship gestapo.

Some hours ago, my colleague – media sniper Marcel Sardo went behind the pay wall at Lemonde in order to see just who these truth jihadists are. According to Sardo, the first person to sign this open letter to French broadcast officials was career Russophobe, Galia Ackerman (a Masha Gessen wannabe), who just happens to be Chairwoman of the “European Forum for Ukraine.” Ackerman, who’s written a score of articles with titles like; “The Origins of the Gulag”, “The Heirs of the KGB”, “The Innocents Become Guilty”, “The Satrap of Belarus”, “A Woman in Putin’s Gulag” – must be the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (ISIS leader) of this censorship cell of the this new world order jihad. A Russian Jew, Ackerman is like many other unbalanced Putin haters such as Masha Gessen – a sad eyed puppet of the hegemons with no niche but the anti-Russia one to cling to.

Along with Ackerman, essayist Antoine Arjakovsky (a Judas of peace) is another Ukrainian knowledge terrorist who’s Emeritus Director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies in Lviv. This article in the America Magazine: The Jesuit Review by Arjakovsky betrays his position as a pawn of the “order” headquartered in Kiev. Arjakovsky’s role is actually one of Judas in that he is an embedded fake disciple of the scriptures preaching world peace without Christian values. Please read his assessment of the situation in Ukraine and his solutions. The man elevates Boris Nemtsov to the position of martyr, so enough said about this jihadist under neocon killers (JUNK) academian.


Alongside Arjakovsky in signing this please for censoring thought are a slew of fairly obscure academics like; historian Wladimir Berelowitsch, Pierre Caussat, Professor of Philosophy and linguist, Ukraine specialist and Tasas Bulba revisionist groupie Iryna Dmytrychyn, and Jean Duchesne, a special advisor to the Archbishop of Paris (interesting). For finding a familiar thread that runs through this liberalist sobbing plea to French officials we can look to the works of the latter undersigned, Duchesne. In his story “The French Debate on Gay Marriage” at The Catholic Thing, the Archbishop’s helper reveals for this writer the diabolical nature of our enemy. The piece is a multifaceted lie framed to appear as if Duchesne is on the side of Catholic clergy in opposing same-sex marriage in France. Reading between the lines any writer or journalist can ferret out Duchesne’s “common sense” affirmation of gayness. I’ve no space or time to delve into this Catholic apologist (1998 on anti-Semitism deeply rooted in French Catholicism) for the church’s passive collaboration with the Vichy France Nazis of WW II here. The fact he advises the Catholic Archbishop in Paris and hates Orthodox Russia’s news pulpit RT tells me all I need know.


Marcel Sardo’s list of citizens also contains Michel Eltchaninoff is the Deputy editor of Philosophie Magazine, who authored “Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin” without having even psychoanalyzed the Russian president on his couch. Michel Eltchaninoff, PhD, is joined by Philippe de Lara, who’s supposed to be an expert in the history of totalitarian regimes, and a Paris professor who lectures in Ukraine as well. Bernard Marchadier, a translator at UNESCO signed too, along with Hélène Sinany and professor Françoise Thom. Among these last authors of Orwellian doctrine Thom is the most interesting. Born in France, Thom spent some years in the Soviet Union. Her focus of study and authorship has been the “barbaric USSR” illustrated with her fixation on Lavrenti Beria, who was a key Stalin era figure, and the man most notorious for his role in the Massacre of Katyń during WW II. The book “Beria: the Janus of the Kremlin”, is a biography that excels in revising history, at least from what I can glean. Anyone attempting to unravel the mysteries of the man who created SMERSH, and who ran internal and external security for the Soviet Union, must have a motivation stronger than the appeal of book sales.

Agendas. All our work is about agendas and the underlying causes for study, exertion of energies, the investment of time and money. We invest in what it is we want. For these people shortly described as “media terrorists” the agenda is not hidden. Each of them has a “bone” to pick with Putin’s Russia. The case for Françoise Thom being the most transparent for me, she leverages an icon of Russophobia to perpetuate a career of lecturing to effect fear and loathing of the quintessential enemy – anyone and anything perceived as the enemy of the bourgeoisie or the western intelligentsia. And there is your truth of the matter or RTTV anywhere west of the Dnieper River. Russophobia created and perpetuated by a class of intellectual and banking elites, this is rotten core of the liberal world order. The narrative of London, Brussels, Berlin, and Washington versus Putin’s nation can be read in Françoise Thom’s “Russia Europe : the risk of restarting, from 2010. The thinly veiled deceit of the Vatican toward the Orthodox Church can be deduced from either the EU’s recent anti-propaganda doctrine, or from the appearance of the Catholic intelligentsia against any viewpoint out of Russia via RTTV. There my friends, I have laid out the asymmetric media terror network for you – those who would impress their ideas and will upon France and the world.

Are you surprised it was not the Russians?

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