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Biya and Rwanda’s Kagame

Following the coup in GABON, Cameroun’s Biya and Rwanda’s Kagame have reshuffled military.

The Cameroonian president, Paul Biya has reportedly made critical changes to the country’s ministry of defense. Key security posts were reshuffled, including that of the delegate to the presidency in charge of defense, Air Force staff, navy and the police.

Paul Biya came to power in a coup d’etat in 1982 and has been Cameroon’s president ever since – that’s about 41 years in power. France supported the coup and the regime was never illegitimate to France and in fact remains one of France’s strongest hold in AFRICA today. But the Nigerien coup plotters are “illegitimate” in the eyes of France. See the double standard?

In another news, it is also reported that the Rwandan president, Paul Biya has approved the retirement of 83 senior officers. According to the RDF, Kagame also approved the promotion and appointment of some officers to replace the previous office holders. It is not clear if these retirements and appointments are connected with the spate of coups on the continent of AFRICA.

Kagame has been in power for some time but unlike most Colonial puppets in AFRICA, he seems to have found a way to worm himself into the hearts of many with visible, arguably gigantic developmental strides. Who knows, maybe he’s also worried for the future.

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