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Niger cancels visas of the stubborn French Ambassador who refused to leave.

Niger has cancelled the visas of the stubborn French Ambassador to the country who has refused to leave Niger after he was asked to leave by the country’s new leadership. The ruling junta has also asked the police to eject and expel him from the country. French Ambassador, Sylvan Itte was given 48 hours from last week Friday to leave the country. He refused to honor the “Executive Order” saying the new regime in Niger is “illegitimate.”

Macron at an event in Paris praised him for being brave and also reiterated that France does not recognize the regime in place and will not take orders from “an illegitimate government.” To this end, the so called French Ambassador has refused to cooperate with the Tchiani led admin and even refused to respond to the invitation to meet with Niger’s new Foreign Minister.

Well, the coup in GABON happened and it appeared as if there’s been a renewed momentum on the side of the Nigerien military admin. Two significant actions point to that renewed momentum:

  1. Rather than about a month or more, initially given to the French soldiers to leave Niger, the Nigerien junta recently announced they (French soldiers) now have till September 3 to leave the country.
  2. Rather than wait for multilateral interventions and wide consultations before dealing with the stubborn French Ambassador, the junta has decided to move in quickly and kick him out. This is in line with the similar “nothing-to-do-with-France” plans executed by Niger’s brother nations vis, Mali and Burkina Faso who did exactly the same things.

Why Niger’s own actions are being fiercely resisted is anyone’s guess. In the human body, every part is important and have vital roles that they play. But during a fight, if you want to freeze your opponent and send him to the great beyond while still on his feet, you go for the jugular. For all the wrong reasons, Niger is the JUGULAR of colonial France and the collective west. That’s why all eyes are on Niger. Sadly, for them, Niger is gone for good and the people will have the last laugh.

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