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Koyo Bala

HIV Positive S.African Gay Singer passes on Of Cancer Of The Anus

Following a three-year fight with disease of the anus‚ artist Koyo Bala passed on yesterday at around 9am at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, surrounded by his three sisters.

The 36-year-old vocalist was a part of gay pop trio 3Sum, made up of Bala‚ Amstel Maboa and the late Jeff Moyo, who kicked the bucket in 2010‚ supposedly from HIV/Aids-related complexities . They were referred to in the stimulation business as activists for gay rights.

In 2011‚ Bala uncovered freely that he was HIV-positive, a decision he told the Sunday Times in 2014 had cost him work.

In 2014 he was determined to have anal-cancer virus and a year ago he chose to move back home, where he began chemotherapy – an adventure he generally imparted to his online networking followers in images‚ recordings and messages.

His last tweet about his disease was on February and it reads: “I pray 2 Eledumare everyday 2 help me pass this cancer #itshard #pains #wontgiveup #canwinthisbattle #cantsleepofpains”.

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