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Israeli Warplanes Launch Missiles On Scientific Research Center In Northern Damascus (Maps, Videos)

Following the collapse of ISIS’ self-proclaimed Caliphate, Israel has intensified its acts of agression against the Syrian government.

On December 5. Israeli warplanes launched missiles on scientific research center in the area of Jumraya in northern Damascus. According to the Syrian state-run media, Syrian air defense systems intercepted three of the missiles. The rest of the missiles (according to various reports 3 or 4) hit the target.

The air-defense missiles launch:

The Israeli missiles hit the scientific research center:

On December 4, alleged Israeli warplanes conducted airstrikes on the Dumair Airbase. According to reports, the airstrikes hit the radar installation and destroyed it.

On December 2, the Israeli military launched between 4 and 6 long range ground-to-ground missiles from its positions in the Golan Heights on targets in the district of al-Kiswah south of Damascus. 3 of the missiles were downed by the Syrian Air Defense Forces.

The Israeli strikes in Syria since January 2016:

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