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Maria Zakharova debunks British lies (MUST WATCH!)

There is no overstating my gratitude to Eugenia who did an “emergency translation” of this crucial statement on Sunday instead of enjoying a much deserved, and much needed, day of rest. Dedicated people like Eugenia is what make this blog possible and we all owe her an immense dept of gratitude.  Thanks to this translation, you all get to hear what Maria Zakharova had to say in response to the British campaign of lies and deception.  Thanks Eugenia!

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The outcome of the election in Russia explained in simple, plain, English

Here are the preliminary results explained in simple, plain, English:

1) Putin easily wins by a landslide and is *more* popular than ever
2) The Russian Communists and Zhirinovsky have reached terminal irrelevancy
3) Only 2.6% of Russians are pro-USA and generally pro-West (Sobchak+Yavlinsky)
4) The entire AngloZionist anti-Putin campaign has miserably failed
5) The Empire has two choices left: go to war or fold
6) If the Empire choses to to go war it will face a completely united Russia

And here are the detailed scores as of 22:51 UTC:

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