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Never Again

Never Again

By Batiushka for Ooduarere via The Saker blog

Just as in 1812 and 1941, so now too in 2022 the Western nations have joined together in order to attack Russia and divide and destroy her. The Special Military Operation could have been over in March, but the West would not allow it. It is over now, for the West has escalated a local liberation campaign into a full-scale war. On this historic day of 21 September 2022, the very anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380, when Russia defeated the Mongol-Tatar Golden Horde, Russia declares its firm and bold intention to defeat the NATO Golden Horde. Below we present an imaginative scenario for the outcome – 25 years from now.

The Times of London, Monday 23 September 2047

Never Again in Shanghai

The twenty members of the Security Council of the World Alliance in Shanghai, in order of the size of their population, India, China, the CE (Confederation of Europe), Indonesia, the USA, Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil, the Russian Empire, Bangladesh, Mexico, Japan, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Egypt, Vietnam, DR Congo, Iran, Turkey and the CO (Confederation of Oceania) met today. The members failed to reach a unanimous agreement to condemn the recent US-backed Israeli terrorist attacks on Palestinian homes in Gaza. Indeed, the members of the US delegation, led by Senator David Rosenberg, refused to sign any statement and stormed out of the meeting at what they saw as the rejection by the others of ‘exceptional cases.

The other nineteen members issued a statement condemning ‘yet another example of US-backed separatism and terrorist threats. Both China and Indonesia have put forward a motion to expel the USA from the Security Council as a terrorist State and to replace it with Korea, which was reunited in 2034 and now has a population of over 100 million, like all the other members (except for the CO). The vote of all 200 Alliance members will take place on 2 October. It is widely thought that the USA will be expelled unanimously. Indeed, US Separatism has been behind a number of events over recent months throughout the world and many delegates utter the now well-known phrase ‘Never Again’ as soon as they hear the name ‘USA’.

Never Again in Europe

In Ireland, where this phrase ‘Never Again’ originated, the Galway Famine Monument has had its twenty-five millionth visitor since it opened in 2045. We recall that the Monument complex was entirely paid for exactly five years ago after an online petition among English people, who had discovered what the oligarchic government of Victorian Great Britain (which then existed) had allowed to take place in Ireland between 1845 and 1852.

The vast monument complex, which includes the Irish Cultural Foundation, Memorial Church, museum, library, visitor centre, restaurants and hotels, cost over £400 million. The central statue, depicting a starving family of six Irish peasants, standing 120 metres high and looking out over the Ocean, is an artistic masterpiece celebrating the nobility of the suffering human spirit. The inscription on the monument in Irish Gaelic and English reads ‘Riamh Arís’ and ‘Never Again’. Inscribed around the plinth are the names of 500,000 Irish men women and child victims of the Famine. It is these words that have become inspirational and echoed around the world in the last two years, as we can see from this article.

Reports came in on 11 September from the west coast of Scotland of a car bomb, which killed a family of four committed European Confederates. It was believed that American-backed separatists were responsible. The Scottish government issued a statement in which it claims that a gang of CIA operatives who had remained in Scotland as ‘sleeper agents’ after their nuclear submarine base had been closed at Faslane in Scotland in 2037, was responsible. The next day, on 12 September, the Prime Ministers of the Four Nations issued a joint statement at the Ionan Council Forum on the Isle of Man, from which England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are all visible. They expressed their solidarity against US-backed separatism anywhere in the Isles of the North Atlantic (I.O.N.A.). Their statement was entitled: ‘Never Again’.

At the 18 September meeting of the national governments of the European Confederation in Berlin, a unanimous agreement was made that the last vestiges of US interference in European affairs would ‘never again’ be tolerated, whether it was off the coast of Portugal, in northern Spain, in the west of Scotland or in Latvia. 

After last March’s attempted invasion of Iceland, when two invading US Navy ships and a US submarine were sunk in the ‘Bay of Ice’ incident, the Confederation of Europe had already issued a statement condemning attempts of the USA to interfere in Confederate affairs anywhere.

At its summit on 19-20 September at its headquarters outside Moscow the Eurasian Council, of which the Confederation of Europe is an active member, said that it would help it to defend itself from transatlantic interference. Drones from the Imperial Russian base at Fairford in England, whose task it is to protect the Four Nations of I.O.N.A., would be sent if the Scottish government required them. The Eurasian Council agreed that there was no place in Europe or anywhere else in Eurasia for Nazis and their terror campaign and also used the same phrase ‘Never Again’.

The former President of Lithuania, Arvydas Anusauskas, has issued an apology for the CIA ‘black sites’ in Lithuania. He made his tearful speech outside the steel barn near Vilnius which was used to torture Arab and later Russian captives some forty years ago. He said that the Lithuanian people had two historic stains on their conscience. The first was their treatment of the Jews during the Nazi Occupation over a century ago, when Lithuanians openly collaborated in the genocide of Jews, and the second was their co-operation with the CIA 60-70 years later, when again they allowed and took part in the torture and murders of others. He pleaded for a monument of National Repentance to be erected on the model of the Irish Famine Monument, ending his impassioned speech with the words: ‘I am an old man now and do not have much longer to live and I say to you, ‘Niekada daugiau’ (‘Never Again’).

Never Again in Asia

Talks on the future of Kashmir continue between India and Pakistan. These talks are being chaired by a delegation from the English government, which has admitted that the British government of the time had been responsible for the conflict by its irresponsible partition of the Indian Subcontinent one hundred years ago. The delegation formally apologised and ended with the words: ‘Never Again’. It is believed that an announcement on the partition of Kashmir between the two parties is imminent, but negotiations are still ongoing on the exact border line in one area.

The tenth Tibetan Independence Day will be celebrated next Friday in the presence of the Dalai Lama. We remind our readers how once China no longer feared a US invasion after Taiwan had voluntarily and peacefully returned to Beijing in 2027, the way opened for Tibetan independence. Tibet is thriving today as an independent Buddhist country, though grateful for recent careful Chinese investment. The Chinese government issued an apology ten years ago on the persecution of Tibetans in the last century. It too ended with the words ‘Never Again’ in Tibetan.

Baghdad and Teheran have agreed to erect a ‘Peace Monument’ on their now demilitarised borders. It too will carry the inscription ‘Never Again’ in Farsi and Arabic.

Never Again in Oceania

Today the Council of Oceania met in Auckland in Aotearoa (older readers may recall the old name of Aotearoa was ‘New Zealand’). It welcomed Hawaii into the Council, after it had decided last April to leave the USA and retrieve its roots in Oceania.

In Australia and Tasmania monuments are to be erected in memory of the genocides of Aborigenes that took place in the century before last and their persecution in the 20th century. Their inscriptions: ‘Never Again’.

Never Again in Africa

The Democratic Republic of Congo has reported another bumper year of economic growth of over 15%. It is now reckoned that the Democratic Republic of Congo will become the richest nation in Africa by 2060. It has been helped in its way to this economic boom by reparations from the Belgian government which in 2039 issued an official apology for its genocide of the Congolese people.

In Senegal, it is reported that the economy has tripled in size since European fishing off its coasts was banned by the CE eight years ago. The effects of fish conservation and management have been beneficial all along the West African coast and have been supported by large subsidies from the repentant government of France. The French government has also been active in paying reparations to Vietnam and Algeria for its colonial genocides in those two countries.

In Kenya a ‘Never Again’ monument, paid for by the English government, is to be erected next year in memory of the Nazi-style persecution of the Kenyan peoples in the Kenyan Liberation movement in the 1950s by the then British government.

Never Again in Latin America

In front of official delegations from Wales and England, the Argentinian government yesterday celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Malvinas entering Argentinian jurisdiction. The Malvinas-Argentinian Friendship Society exists to safeguard the distinctive culture of the Malvinas within Argentina and the Argentinian government has been meticulous to promote and protect the local culture of settlers from the British Isles within the framework of Argentinian legislation. As regards the Malvinas War of 1982, a spokesman for the Society simply declared: ‘Never Again’.

Meanwhile, Guatemala has been celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the restitution of Belize to Guatemala. Many young people in the country now have no idea that the province of Belize, long ago called British Honduras, had formerly been split off from Guatemala. The anniversary was celebrated with a carnival in honour of Mayan culture and then an evening firework display. Any who suggests that Belize province may be separated from the rest of Guatemala is met with the words: ‘Nunca más’, meaning ‘Never Again’.

Never Again in North America

In the USA the gift of Alaska back to the Russian Empire by the Populist administration in 2043 is still provoking fractious disputes between the two US political parties. Although the Populist Party is strongly opposed by the Unionist Party, the latter’s power base is split between the East Coast and California. The Populists, whose power base is in the Southern States and along the northern border with the Canadian Confederation, are claiming that the separatist terrorists in Scotland, as in Palestine, had both been funded by the Unionist administration. In turn, the Unionists accused the Populists of giving away Alaska, wanting to destroy the USA by allowing the Southern States to secede from the Union and supporting the Oregon-Montana secessionist bloc.

From his home in Florida Donald Trump, who celebrated his 100th birthday last year at a huge party with over 1,000 elderly celebrity guests, claimed that he was now the only person on earth who could ‘Maga’. Leaning back in his electronic wheelchair, he said characteristically: ‘If you don’t wanna Maga with me, then get out of the White House. 

Some commentators speculate that Trump may be suffering from dementia.

Tensions with the Canadian Federation are mounting after the State of Maine revealed its intention to join the Federation, declaring that ‘the fact that we were never part of it has always been a ‘geographical and historical aberration’. They have been supported in this by the Union of Native Peoples in Northern Canada. An Inuit spokeswoman commented that the USA would inevitably go through what the old Canada had gone through over the last twenty years.

Some pessimistic analysts are predicting a Civil War in the USA. However, they too are met with the words: ‘Never Again’.

21 September 2022

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