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Russian Intelligence accuses the USA of attempting to “physically eliminate” (assassinate) the new military leaders in Niger Republic.

The report says American troops movement and logistical preparations for this action have been in progress and under Russian Intelligence surveillance, hence the LEAK at this time.

According to a U.S. military analyst, “the USA can’t stomach the loss of Niger. We have a large drone base there and about 1,100 soldiers for strategic operations and having Russia take control of that region is a bit too hard to bear, for the United States.” So basically, France isn’t the only one hurt and bitter over Niger.

This all goes to show why the collective west would turn a blind eye to Mali, Burkina Faso and others, but won’t let go of Niger. The report further stated that the USA has indicated it does not have confidence in ECOWAS carrying out any military intervention and does not trust anyone else to do it, but wants to take action on its own, to eliminate the Nigerien junta. In the past, high level plans like this don’t get leaked until execution happens.

Leaking this alleged plot by the US is yet another proof of Russia’s deep involvement and multilateral engagements in Niger. It also shows what can happen when multipolarism is at play. Intelligence has been shared with brother nations and no one is sleeping with two eyes closed. In the last few days alone, Russia’s Wagner PMC is said to have fortified positions and expanded its areas of control in Niger. The junta is said to be battle ready. The brother nations are ready. Wagner is ready. And the people are ready.

NIGER REPUBLIC (one of the poorest countries in the world): Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline, Uranium, Gold, Drone base, and so much more. From Niger alone, all of west AFRICA can be set on fire and overrun in a day or two. It’s not an easy prize to lose but, it’s already lost to them. We just got to fight to protect it. Please stay tuned for more on this…

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