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Sergey Lavrov’s statements for RIA Novosti

Americans seek to subdue everyone and live at the expense of others

The US has crushed the EU and deprived it of the last signs of independence

Nuland’s words speak about the US involvement in the terrorist attacks on the “Nord Streams”

The presumption that Russia refuses to negotiate on Ukraine is a lie, Moscow will continue to refute this,

The West is hoping for a strategic defeat for Russia so that it cannot recover for decades; we are at the epicenter of a geopolitical battle,

The more long-range weapons are supplied to the Kiev regime by the West, the further they need to be moved away from Russian territory,

The West is now looking at Moldova for the role of the “next Ukraine”, its president is ready for almost anything

The conviction of the United States in its superiority and infallibility is the main reason for Russia’s current confrontation with the West

There are politicians in the West who would not be at all against the revival of fascism

Scholz, who promised not to send planes to Ukraine, is known for his ability to change his position

American society is split, and the ruling authorities are trying to suppress the split

Most countries – even small states in Africa and Latin America – respect themselves, so they choose to work with Russia at will, for which the Americans threaten them with various kinds of sanctions

Supplies of modern equipment by the West to Kiev will be made together with foreign combat crews

American society is split, and the ruling authorities are trying to suppress the split

The USA and all “Westerners” are big democrats, but they understand democracy as their right to impose their understanding of democracy on everyone else

Putin explained in detail the goals, reasons and inevitability of the Special Military Operation, did not do it suddenly, but after many years of explaining to the West that they were steering in the wrong direction and undermining everything they had pledged to fulfill

The United States wants to feed the Ukrainian regime so that it starts a war against the Russian Federation under the license of the West

The US mobilizes the EU, forcing it to give all weapons to Ukraine, meanwhile increasing its production of weapons and forcing Europe to buy from them

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