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Video of Hell on Earth: Russian Heavy Flamethrower Shocks Viewers

The smoldering shot fired by Russia’s TOS-1A substantial flamethrower framework amid a rcent drill close Volgograd is equipped for making life a horrendous experience for the adversary, a US science and innovation magazine wrote.

The TOS-1A Heavy Flamethrower System is a 220mm 24-barrel multiple rocket launcher and thermobaric weapon mounted on a T-72 tank chassis.  It was intended for crushing adversary faculty in fortresses, in open nation, and in softly heavily clad vehicles and transport. In the first place battle tests occurred in 1988-1989 in Afghanistan.

The combat system, which consists of the combat vehicle, rockets, and loading vehicle, was developed in 1979 by the design bureau of the Transport Machine Factory in Omsk and was named TOS-1. It remained a secret development for a long time.

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  1. Wow, Russia is ahead any day, any time.. They build machines for proper war

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