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Buhari meets Trump: Expect another ‘Real American Boots’ on the ground ??? (Video)

Nigeria already has its fair share of American boots on the ground (Their ISIS affiliate, Boko haram Proxies) but no real boots (Africom Base) on the ground yet. The last time this happened was during Goodluck Jonathan Presidency. We recalled how Former president Goodluck Jonathan  sent the real Amerian boots on the ground out of Nigeria.  What Jonathan did during this time gave raise to two things. First, GEJ  automatically killed the Political outcome of Boko Haram. The Political outcome being that, it’s only a tool to further the Anglozionist empire’s geo-politics in the region. ( Invade, Divide, Conquer and rule strategy)

Secondly President Jonathan saved Nigerian state by shooting himself in the leg at the same time as the move automatically made the puppet master to turn completely against Goodluck Jonathan even as he tried so much to please his puppet master at the detriment of Nigerian lives. The moment he sent the American rela boots on the ground out of Nigeria, the shut himself in the leg.

Is Buhari repeating the same history again ? Many could confirm anytime U.S president says something, they in reality mean the opposite of that thing. i.e if U.S president says we are not wanting to be the policeman of the world in reality they are doing the opposite and anyone could confirm by the recent revelation in Nothern Syria. Where U.S president said they are withdrawing and in reality they are building an air base in Northen Syria. A total act of war.


According to the Buhari press confference,
Washington is increasingly not interested in being the ‘world policeman’, US President Donald Trump has said, noting the country spent “tremendous amount of money” on policing the world.
“More and more, [we] are not wanting to be the policeman of the world,” Trump claims in a joint press conference with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari at the White House. He was commenting on a question whether the latter managed to convince him to up the US troop presence in that country.

“We’re spending tremendous amount of money for decades on policing the world, and that shouldn’t be our priority. We want to police ourselves. We want to rebuild our country,” Trump said.

Buhari said the US has offered teams of advisers who are training the Nigerian security forces, and called it “one of the best things the US can do for us, to stabilize the country.”

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